Support & Service

Support & Service

Our proactive program maximizes and guarantees the benefit of the full amount of energy savings for the Hench Energy Management Control System and optimizes the system so the facility is running as efficiently as possible at all times.

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We have a call/tech center made up of expert technicians with full concentration on energy management and how the Hench system maximizes the thermodynamic balance of our customers’ facility(s). These technicians monitor each facility once every week for a period of time, in real time, and go over the trending from the previous period to make recommendations, verify all set points, look at spikes, question machinery on local and basically do preventive maintenance, as well as fine tune the Energy Management System. We send out a report on a regular basis with a write up regarding energy use/savings and trending. There are three reports in total: the Energy Report, the Operational Report and the Security Report.

  1. The Energy Report shows findings and recommendations to optimize the Energy Management System which is tied to dollars and cents. These “energy savings” and “saving opportunities” are graphically illustrated and broken down into various categories such as compressors, condensers, evaporators and other peripherals such as charging equipment, pumps, etc. This report also measures the amount of CO2 that is reduced by utilizing our Energy Management System.
  2. The Operational Report includes the same information as the Energy Report expect for exposing the dollars and cents portion. This report servers more as a “to do” list for the operator and maintenance personnel.
  3. The Security Report logs when anyone accesses the system, what they were doing and how long they were accessing it for so there is never a question of accountability. This is critical in today’s environment, especially if there are multiple operators dealing with the system.

The monitoring program also automatically gives the facility all the current upgrades to the programs the facility is running and we will make graphic changes, as required. The standard monitoring also includes any and all part replacements for the controllers, temperature sensors, mother boards and an upgraded computer every so often, depending upon any innovations and operating system improvements.

To summarize, this monitoring program is inclusive of upgrades for the software programs so the facility will always have the latest and greatest new features for trending, AlarmPager, Load Shedding Table, Power Table, etc.; replacement on all future parts for equipment, as well as ensuring the facility maximizes the Energy Management System in order to receive the most savings possible through our live technical call center. Additionally, in the event of an absentee operator we can be called upon to keep the facility on a ‘real time’ watch program to serve as a back up operator and even more. This is the ultimate peace of mind for any facility and a full unconditional warranty for the Hench Control Energy Management System.

The benefits for the facility under the monitoring program are as follows:

  • Quantifiable reports which document actual energy savings and savings opportunities.
  • Management tools to ensure that the entire refrigeration system is running efficiently.
  • Backup of data to show trending, which maintains the cold chain process.
  • Never any need to worry about purchasing/replacing existing equipment or software, because it is taken care of automatically.
  • Technician dedicated specifically to the facility.
  • No long term contract.
  • Quantifiable return on investment.
  • Peace of mind and bottom line results.

The benefits for the facility personnel under the monitoring program are as follows:

  • Single location to manage the entire plant.
  • Remote access to view, make changes and verify situations.
  • Alarm notification if anything falls outside of the predetermined parameters.
  • Backup if they are ever unable to access the plant (vacation, sick, etc.).
  • Option for Hench to be live 24/7 for peace of mind.
  • Freedom to focus on other issues with the facility.