Support & Service

Support & Service

Q: I don’t like a closed system.
A: There is nothing that can be done with an open system that can’t be done with our system. Anything you may want to see and/or use has or is most likely a standard program. The reason why our system is proprietary is because it is based on complex algorithms, not simple PLC. It is those algorithms that achieve the high energy savings in conjunction with the micro-processing hardware and software. This also protects you from anyone unauthorized messing with the programs. We have been in business for twenty plus years and have over 200 customers worldwide that among them cross over into all possibilities relating to a refrigeration system.

Q: Can I trust you and can you support me?
A: The “who’s who” in the industry uses our systems because they know the impact it makes both operationally and to the bottom line. These multi-million dollar companies do their homework and our system has been validated multiple times over. Our monitoring program ensures that your facilities are taken care of on a regular basis on a proactive level.

Q: I’m too busy right now/don’t have time.
A: We can conduct an energy study to show you, quantifiably, the dollar savings your facility can realize on an annual basis. We can even do this remotely as long as you help us with a simple questionnaire. Also, our operation is turn key for you.

Q: I already have a control system/equipment manufacturer micros.
A: What you have does not specialize in refrigeration. It is either a generic ladder logic program that handles lights, HVAC, etc. or it is linear and controls only one of the equipment groups. Our system is dedicated to managing the entire refrigeration equipment, which is where you get the energy savings and it’s multi-dimensional so it manages the whole plant.

Q: I only use Allen Bradley.
A: Who makes your compressors? Frick, M & M, Mycom, Vilter; they use a micro control and it’s not Allen Bradley. Allen Bradley is known for assembly line robotics and does not specialize in energy management or refrigeration controls. Also, our experience has shown Allen Bradley to be much more expensive too because their system is not modular or customized for industrial refrigeration. In addition, we basically have to tune down our programs to operate on an Allen Bradley platform. Our controllers are made for the sole purpose of operating as extensive as we can make it to maximize the energy usage and savings. The system is conjoined to outperform any other system available today.