About us

About us

When we scope a facility we see opportunity and money. Money hanging from the evaporators, and flowing through the engine room. Spare change rising with the steam from the condensers. We deal with the minutia- tiny bits of left-over energy that others forget about. We’re miserly with it, and despite the seemingly tiny increments, our savings often add up to as much as a 30% reduction in energy costs.

The fact is that companies who spend less on energy make more money in the end. Less energy equals more profit- it’s that simple. We do our job in several quite special, intricate ways we’d love to tell you about. Suffice it to say that our proprietary hardware, software and decades of experience save you money, and cost the environment less.

Refrigeration Costs

Fifty to 80% of food processing and storage costs in the cold chain industry are directly related to refrigeration. Most refrigeration control systems are either manual or programmable logic controls (PLC) based upon stepping and sequence control. Although these controllers provide minimal automatic control, they fail to provide optimal control of energy costs. The energy consumption of a refrigeration plant can be greatly reduced by implementing an Energy Management System that provides complete automatic control with the selection of compressor capacity matched to refrigeration or cooling demand.

Hench Control’s self-contained modules seamlessly communicate with each other via microprocessors to create intuitive and complete refrigeration Energy Management Systems that are tailored to meet the needs of any facility. All modules are remotely monitored by a dedicated technician in our technical call center.

What Our Systems Do

These Energy Management Systems calculate and display key performance indicators such as temperature and suction/discharge pressure that provide direct feedback to facility operators. Through internet connectivity, the systems provide complete 24/7 remote access to all of a facility’s refrigeration equipment. They also alert operators or refrigeration contractors with scheduled and prioritized e-mail and text messages. Hench technicians gain the analysis information necessary for detecting and correcting trends before they become costly or even dangerous.

The company has invested millions of dollars on the development of its intellectual property over the last twenty years and almost as much in hardware development- including its proprietary circuit boards. Today there are millions of lines of programming code integrated into the Hench Control system which enable the Energy Management System to be applied to any type of configured plant specification.

Energy Management Today

Market drivers such as escalating energy costs and increasing environmental sustainability, place Hench as a welcomed solution for any facility that has industrial refrigeration. Energy management is now a competitive criterion.

In fact, 70% of the United States power grid is made up of carbon producing facilities and for every kilowatt of energy nearly two pounds of CO2 are produced. Furthermore, on average, a 2,000 horse power facility is responsible for 20 million pounds of CO2 per year. Hench’s Energy Management System can reduce that CO2 footprint by five million pounds per year, while reducing the power cost by over $250,000 per year (based on $0.10/kWh at 70% capacity on 2000 hp engine room).