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Steps & Process

  1. We need contact information from you and a subtle directive to either plant engineers, operators and/or maintenance supervisor for us to walk them through a questionnaire that will give us basic and intrinsic information to accomplish an Energy Study. The study will identify the potential dollar and cents savings the Hench Energy Management System will provide.
  2. Upon completion of the Energy Studies, we will submit them with a specific proposal for a turn-key installation for each of the facilities. There is no benefit to volume, i.e. multi facilities, as you will see upon the submission of the proposals, but it unifies performance, bench marks savings and normalize management while holding the individual facilities accountable to maintaining efficient and productive stand alone operations.
  3. Upon approval and acceptance of the proposals, we send out an engineer to do a physical scope of the facility, study the process in which you do your cooling/blast freezing etc., determine the level of acceptable interruption, recognize the possibility of a wireless installation for minimal interruption and cost and designate a time line for completion.
  4. The engineered scope is translated to an electrical diagram which we organize and manage the electrical installation.
  5. Once an order is received by us, the Hench field technical specialist visits the facility to perform a full scope of the operation. The technical knowledge of the field specialist in equipment, refrigeration and energy management are mission critical to ensure that specifications and wiring are done correctly so installations are designed accurately and executed efficiently. After verifying all of the necessary specifications, the circuit boards, their cabinets, and software are set up to match the client’s specific refrigeration plant. The total system is physically sent to the client where it is then installed via hard wiring or wirelessly that connects the motors and valves of the refrigeration plant to the Hench hardware. Once the connection is complete, the system and client are ready for start-up and training. The same field technical specialist returns to the client site to ensure that start-up and orientation occur and then moving forward, the our central call center handles all potential future technical issues eliminating the need for the operator to be an expert of the system.
  6. Upon completion of the installation we do a hands on start-up, operator training and start monitor the system on a continuous basis.
  7. The monitoring yields a written report, on a weekly basis, analyzing the savings in addition to sustaining a preventative maintenance program, assuming the back up to the alarm system and personnel along with a complete trending of every room, hour and situation and maintain a system back up on secure servers with historical data that is made into a hard copy disk.