Lower Costs, Smaller Footprint. All in a Day's Work.

Lower Costs, Smaller Footprint. All in a Day's Work.

We’re a global manufacturer and service provider of modular Energy Management Systems for industrial refrigeration. In fact, we’re the largest independent supplier of industrial refrigeration Energy Management Systems in the United States. What we really do, though, reaches beyond the control panel.

Our self-contained, highly sophisticated systems quantifiably cut energy costs, improve profitability and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint for the environment.

Our proprietary optimization energy management software and hardware creates:

  • Energy efficiencies that affect savings between 15% and 30%.
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by millions of pounds of CO2 per year/per facility.
  • Ease of use through a sophisticated graphical user interface and internet based system that can be used to control multiple locations from a single site.
  • Turnkey installations and startup based on our vast product offering and millions of lines of programming code.
  • Reduced reliance on manual intervention within the refrigeration operation to manage energy use and minimal training for refrigeration operators.

We manufacture and assemble our controllers (parts and pre-assemblies) in Richmond, California. This corporate office acts as our 24/7 tech center and is where we do all our research and development, engineering, testing and next-generation program development. Our system and operation is fully tested and we only use true and proven programs. We constantly upgrade and develop nuances that change in the market place by administering extensive testing in our lab through our simulators. Saving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing profits all go hand in hand. You can be both environmentally responsible and financially smart. Let our proprietary energy management systems, thermodynamic and refrigeration knowledge, technical expertise, and twenty-plus years of experience help you surpass your energy efficiency and operational goals for your refrigeration facility.