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hcTrend™ makes it very easy for the operator to create plots of pressure, temperature, level or other measured parameters for their records. Clicking on the button labeled “Historical Trends” will bring up a graph that the operator can easily modify to show plots of pressures or temperatures over any time period they choose. To show historical trends of parameters, the operator only needs to click on the color “pen” they want to change (there are eight different colors), which brings up a menu of all the parameters available. Clicking on the room temperature, pressure, or other parameter will make that parameter appear on the graph. The operator can bring up data as far back as it exists in memory by simply typing the desired date and time in the indicated spaces and get a color printout of the data by clicking on the PRINT button. hcTrend™ also has the capability to download the temperature, power, pressure, current and other data into spreadsheets, such as Excel for further manipulation. Historical trending is a key component in identifying the cold chain of product for safety and efficacy of product.