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hcGraphics™ provides a visual means of seeing which equipment is operating, at what capacity, and at what temperatures and pressures. It allows the operator to adjust the suction or discharge pressure or room temperature set points with easily learned actions; typically it is done by clicking on the SET POINT box and clicking on the up or down arrow. Similarly, forcing defrost on an evaporator is done by clicking on the evaporator, then clicking on the button which says FORCE DEFROST.

hcGraphics™ is tailored to each site, with a plan view of the site which shows the entire plant and all the room temperatures in a cold storage warehouse or processing facility; it indicates which compressors, condensers, evaporators or other equipment are in operation by their color and by animation.

hcGraphics™ shows fans spinning, valves open or closed, and receiver liquid level in animation. Equipment, such as compressors, fans, valves and pumps change color, depending on their operating status. Alarm conditions are indicated by red colors on the piece of equipment in an alarm state. In short, color graphics allows the operator to see a user-friendly overview of the state of the refrigeration system and better understand its operation.