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Hench Control offers several “Tables” to aid in saving energy. They are known in the industry as “Load Shedding Tables” or “Demand Reduction Tables”. All of these tables reduce the energy usage by changing set points automatically which allow the end user to manage energy when the Power Use or Energy Price is high. Conversely, this also enables the lowering of temperature in cold rooms when the Power Use or Energy Price is low. The Hench Load Shedding Table is the most common – it changes the set points based on a control value. That control value can either be Current kW (power usage), Price per kW, Demand Charges, Day and Time, or a combination of any or all.

Hench Control has the ability to utilize Demand Charges, Real-Time pricing and Current kW simultaneously. In this situation, there is a Peak Demand Table that is downloaded monthly which has the peak demand charges for every hour of every day for the month. The Real-Time Pricing tables are usually updated every 5 minutes. If the Current kW is below the peak demand threshold, it will control on the real-time pricing table. If the current kW is above the peak demand threshold, then it will control on the current kW to get the demand down.

Hench Control ColorMaster Power Table.PNG