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The hcAlarm™ software allows the tech center and operator to set up their Energy Management System to page a variety of people when an alarm condition exists. hcAlarm™ will call out with a numeric message to a numeric pager; or with an alphanumeric message to either an alphanumeric pager to a personal computer, laptop via internet, personal device assistant, or cell phone. The page routing sequence can be different, depending upon the day of the week, the time of day and the type of alarm. The hcAlarm™ uses user-friendly pop-up screens which lead the operator through the process without requiring extensive computer skills. hcAlarm™ keeps the client in touch with the refrigeration system regardless of time or location. It allows the client to decide whether an alarm is critical, or needs to be addressed immediately. hcAlarm™ allows the user to create their own messages in a language or shorthand that is most meaningful to them. It is designed to be able to activate or de-activate alarms easily, if necessary. The alarms are organized by controller, making it easy to modify and easy to find the source of the problem.

Alarm conditions may include:

  • High temperature, pressure or other analog value.
  • Low temperature, pressure or other analog value.
  • Loss of communication to one of the controllers.
  • Failure of the compressors.
  • Closing of a switch, such as a break glass alarm or high level shutdown.

If one of the selected alarm parameters goes into an alarm state, the “all’s well” symbol changes to a warning symbol. A set of symbols is provided for the user to select and thereby customize the system. The alarms are saved in an alarm history file, which allows the user to see the sequence of the alarms, and how they were created. The alarms have a time delay which can be adjusted to avoid nuisance alarms. For hot gas defrost evaporators, it even has an offset for the temperature alarms to avoid alarming each time the air unit goes into defrost. Due to the abilities of the controllers, any palm device, cellular phone or remote internet-based computer can access and be notified by the pager.