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Other Controllers

LL1632 Ladder Logic Controller

  • Ladder Logic Module can be used for miscellaneous control needs, such as pump packages, lighting, floor warming, heat exchangers, battery chargers, water chemistry control, etc.
  • Has 16 digital inputs and 32 analog inputs, which can be used to control 32 digital outputs.
  • Ladder logic programming also can use counting, time delays and time-of-day in logic.
  • Ladder logic can use separately displayed and adjustable set points in logic.
  • Logic is written in easy-to-use English language tables.
  • Six pages of logic tables are available in password protected region.
  • 32 internal flags and 16 counters are also available for use in logic.

LL3216 Ladder Logic Controller

  • The LL3216 Ladder Logic Module is the same as the LL1632 described above, except that there are 16 digital inputs instead of 32; and there are 32 digital outputs instead of 16.

LLPID Ladder Logic Controller

  • The LLPID Ladder Logic Controller is identical with the LL1632 Ladder Logic module, except that it also has 16 analog outputs, each with a PID loop which can be used to control variable speed drives, regulating valves, or other devices which require an analog input for control.
  • Can control with voltage (0-5V, 0-10V) or current (4-20mA).
  • Output can be specified as a fixed amount by the operator, if needed.
  • Analog output can be set to increase or decrease with the control parameter.

Screw Micro Controller

  • The Screw Micro Controller provides the basis for local and remote control of a screw compressor and can be accessed either through a touchscreen keypad or through the computer as one element of an assembly of controllers. Features selector switch, keypad, emergency stop, analog signals, remote communications, safeties and event logging.

Wine Tank Controller

  • The Wine Tank Controller manages the operation of wine tanks for cooling and fermentation. Each wine tank has one temperature sensor which is used to control the wine tank’s heating and cooling cycle.