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Condenser Controllers

Condensers are the mirror image of the evaporator and their primary function is to reject the heat absorbed by the evaporator. Where the function of the evaporator is to absorb heat from the refrigerated space, the condenser must reject that heat outside the refrigerated space. The Hench Condenser Controllers maintain the discharge pressure as low as possible based on the operator entered set points. The Hench Condenser Controllers can control from either Discharge Pressure or Temperature Difference. Controlling from Temperature Difference(Floating head pressure) is the most efficient.

32C – 32 Step Condenser Controller
16CV – 16 Step, Variable Speed Condenser Controller
16CL – 16 Step Condenser Controller
Omni – 8 Step Condenser Control included in this combination Controller
Ice Rink (8 & 4) – Condenser Control included in this combination Controller

Monitors and displays ambient temp, relative humidity, discharge pressure and condensate temp.

Key Benefits:

  • Floats head pressure to lowest optimum operating pressure to save energy.
  • Controls up to 32 steps of water pumps and fans.
  • Calculates and displays ambient wet bulb temp.
  • Displays and controls on difference between condensate and wet bulb temps.
  • Has manual or automatic operation feature, displays difference between actual and saturation pressure, letting you know if air is in system.
  • Simple selection of the pump and fan sequence.
  • Simple selection of minimum operation discharge pressure set point for your system.
  • Automatically raises discharge pressure set point for defrost cycle.
  • Has adjustable deadband and set point to avoid excessive fan cycling.
  • Alarms on high safety control set point violations.
  • Unloads compressor as high discharge safety pressure is reached.
  • Shuts down compressors when high discharge safety pressure is reached.
  • Simple change of all condenser control parameters.
  • Minimum pump operation temp protects against freeze-ups
  • The 16CV controls up to 16 single-speed, two-speed and variable speed fans, controlling any combination of pumps, single-speed fans, two-speed fans and variable speed fans.
  • The 16CV preferentially operates the variable-speed fans over single-speed or two-speed fans.
  • The 16CV has a password-protected screen to specify minimum fan speed.
  • The 16CV controller automatically enters delays for the transition for high speed to low speed fans.
  • The 16CV controller has ladder logic control capability for 12 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, for miscellaneous control needs.