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Compressor Controllers

Compressors can be considered the “heart” of a refrigeration unit, because they pump refrigerant through the system. They work by raising the temperature of the returning suction vapor to a higher temperature before discharging it into the condenser. The purpose of the Hench Compressor Controllers is to maintain refrigeration load requirements while operating the compressors in the most efficient manner. Hench has different energy management modules for compressors depending on the individual facility requirements. The determining factor in choosing the right control module is based on the number of compressors in the plant.

2S10 – Two Stage, 10 Compressor Controller
2S15 – Two Stage, 15 Compressor Controller
1S10Hi – One Stage High, 10 Compressor Controller
1S10Lo – One Stage Low, 10 Compressor Controller
1S15 – One Stage, 15 Compressor Controller
1S15B – One Stage, 15 Compressor Bottling Plant Controller
3S15 – Three Stage, 15 Compressor Controller
Omni – Combination Compressor/Condenser Controller
2S5 – Five Slab Ice Rink Controller
2S2 – Two Slab Ice Rink Controller

1, 2, or 3 Stages
Up to 5, 10, 15 Compressors

Key Benefits:

  • Energy Miser™ works with evaporator controllers to raise suction pressure, saving energy when loads are light.
  • Automatically sequences compressors to their most efficient combination to save energy.
  • Settings allow the compressors to always operate near the top of their capacity to save energy.
  • Controls up to 15 compressors with common suction pressure per stage.
  • Controls screw, recip, fixed, or rotary compressors in any combination.
  • Controls up to two different suction control set points per controller at different times of the day.
  • Starts, stops, loads, and unloads compressors provided compressor safety circuits are OK.
  • Suction pressure set point typically controls within 1PSI of the set point.
  • Unloads compressors as high discharge safety pressure is approached.
  • Shuts down on high discharge pressure.
  • Sets off alarms for safety control set point violations.
  • Sets off alarms for high-suction trap liquid levels and shuts down compressors.
  • Monitors ammonia sniffer, shuts down compressors if leak in engine room.
  • Adjusts for non-linear slide valve capacity.
  • Logs compressor run-time hours and sets off alerts for planned maintenance.
  • Simple change of compressor control parameters (set points, deadbands, time delays, etc.).
  • Works as Booster or High Stage, coordinates all stages when using multiple stage control.
  • The 1S10 controls 10 compressors in one stage; the 2S10 controls 10 compressors two stages; The 1S15 controls 15 compressors in one stage; the 2S15 controls 15 compressors two stages; the Omni controls 5 compressors in two stages.
  • Monitors system kWh usage.
  • Allows special suction set points when special processes occur, such as blast freezing.