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About Us

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What Makes Us Different

Sometimes being different means keeping things the same. From the beginning, we differentiated ourselves from standard PLC systems with our microprocessing and modular design of Energy Management Systems for industrial refrigeration. To support modularity, our founders made another key decision; they chose to design their own motherboard in order to get the necessary characteristics of ruggedness, input/output, memory, and speed.

That’s just one of the many ways we set ourselves apart.

  • We offer a true Energy Management System for industrial refrigeration, not just refrigeration controls. We manufacture and design our own proprietary hardware, including motherboards, computer chips and internal bridging components. Our Energy Management System is truly plug-and-play with proven installations to draw from, all of which are compatible with our proprietary hardware.
  • The microprocessing operating system is multi-dimensional and analyzes, evaluates and takes action on a multitude of variables that occur in industrial refrigeration and processing plants. Because the Energy Management System is not simple ladder logic, it does much more than standard automation. So in addition to the peak demand management and compressor control that other refrigeration control systems may be able to do, the Hench Energy Management System also balances, optimizes and maximizes energy savings in every area possible based on complex algorithms and thermodynamics.
  • Our modules operate individually as well as in a networked environment. If the main CPU goes down due to a power outage or other type of catastrophe, the specific and individual controllers continue to effectively manage the refrigeration equipment which maintains the integrity of the cold chain.
  • We offer a massive “pull-down menu” of options for our clients. This menu is comprised of all the unique requests and demands we’ve seen over the years; our clients have access to our 20+ years of research and development.
  • Other systems cater to HVAC, lighting and other plant features which account for a relatively small (single digit) portion of the total energy consumption, but our Energy Management System is focused and specializes only on refrigeration based on the high consumption ratio of energy costs for cold storage and food processors. Based on Hench’s area of expertise, the Energy Management System offers the greatest opportunity to reduce energy costs (double digit savings) for all plants and facilities that have industrial refrigeration.
  • The financial programs we offer are completely turnkey. These programs include everything from a bundled package where ROI takes place month one to a cash purchase. Any financial combination in between is also accepted, with monitoring as a crucial part of the package.